Are AirEarbud wireless headphones waterproof?
Yes. AirEarbud wireless headphones have been designed to be durable enough to withstand sweat and weather. Some of the models are designed for submersion underwater for extended periods of time, such as while swimming.

Can AirEarbud wireless headphones take calls?
Yes. AirEarbud headphones have an integrated dual-microphone array located on the right and left earbuds to allow the customer to use them during calls when connected to a smartphone through Bluetooth® wireless connection technology. In addition to traditional calls, the headphones will work with many apps that use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), such as Skype or FaceTime.

How do I connect AirEarbud wireless headphones to my mobile device?
When the earbuds are initially removed from the case, they will automatically enter discoverable mode and can be detected by your mobile device. Once the connection is made, the Bluetooth LED on both earbuds will turn white.

How do I charge AirEarbud wireless headphones?
AirEarbud headphones are charged by placing them in the included charging case. If the case has power, it will automatically charge the earbuds. The earbuds are charging when the LED lights on the case blink. Once they are fully charged, the battery indicator light will turn solid and eventually turn off. If the case is out of power, plug the included cable into the case and plug the other end into a USB port on a computer or wall charger.

What is the battery performance of AirEarbud wireless headphones?
AirEarbud wireless headphones have up to 5 hours of battery life. Battery life is defined as the number of hours fully charged headphones can be actively used while listening to audio or making a phone call. The included charging case can provide an additional full charges for the earbuds for up to 40-80 additional hours of playback time.

Can I charge AirEarbud wireless headphones from my PC/laptop?
Yes. AirEarbud wireless headphones come with a USB cable that allows the charging case to be charged from your PC or laptop.

Can you quickly charge the battery?
AirEarbud earbuds incorporate a fast charge feature which is useful when you are pressed for time. This feature gives you up to 1 hours of playback time with only 10 minutes of charging time.

What do the buttons on the earbud do?
The button is a multi-function button. It initiates play/pause and other track controls for videos and music, answers and ends calls, and also provides access to your phone's Siri or your Google Assistant. The buttons on either side of the multi-function button are volume +/- buttons. They allow you to easily adjust the volume.